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you’ll get to see a series of short essay-musings, in part to prompt me through a book-length essay I’ve had knocking about my head over the past little bit. So: call most of these, at least, potential drafts towards something larger, ongoing. Some pieces will be for paid subscribers only, with others open to anyone. I am attempting to feel out some thinking in a more ongoing way, perhaps. That’s exciting, right?

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musings on literature, poetry, reading, etcetera ; works-in-progress, including "Lecture for an Empty Room," "reading in the margins: a writing diary," (notes on fiction writers/writing) and "the genealogy book,"


rob mclennan

Ottawa-born/based poet, fiction writer, critic, editor, publisher, book fair organizer. Canada's sweetheart. The author of more than thirty trade books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.